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Looking your best makes you feel better

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At skin care center Koningshoeven. Ever since

2-2-2020 a new one  beauty salon in Tilburg.  My name is Sandra Van Doorn. Graduated

beautician-skin therapist, all-round pedicure, body masseuse and reiki master since 1995.

I'll help you with all your  skin questions. Both in the field of good facial care for the mature  skin, acne  or  problem skin, as well as questions about what you can do internally with nutrition and Reiki to tackle skin problems.

Also for  treatments such as removing pigment spots, hair removal with rope/resin or laser,  manicure/

pedicure, epilation  and dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows you can go here. 

Our philosophy


Looking your best makes you feel better: loosely translated "looking your best makes you feel better" and vice versa it works just as well, you  makes you feel good  that you shine and both  is what skin care center Koningshoeven stands for. A (facial) treatment is possible  can be combined with a quick stress relief treatment that gives you  both internally and externally  the most relaxed and best results. Menopausal symptoms and skin problems such as rosacea,  acne, psoriasis and eczema* also respond very well to, among other things, this approach, which means that the  self-confidence can grow again.

* read more at "about"

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Treatment of the man

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Anti-aging treatments
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