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My name is Sandra Van Doorn. Certified beautician and skin therapist since 1995. At the age of 15 I was diagnosed with psoriasis. That didn't do my self-confidence any good. This, and later eczema and acne, were the start of a search for all possible solutions for these (skin) problems. It brought me through various courses of external care products that already reduced the complaints to inner 'care.'

Besides the right skin care products for my skin type and problems, finding the right balance between being busy, eating/drinking healthy/unhealthy and relaxing was just as important. Inner and outer care reinforce each other's effect. In Japan they have been aware of this for centuries and they look at everything at the total person instead of just the skin. I have learned a lot from this and have been applying this holistic way of working in my practice for many years. Looking at the skin question together, giving advice and a tailor-made treatment plan leads to visible skin improvement and inner well-being.


What I am really proud of is my Quick stress relief treatment that I have developed over the years. This anti-stress/detox treatment provides deep relaxation, blockages that are lifted at your own pace so that, among other things, lymph blood and energy channels flow better. Your skin benefits 100% from this and products are even better absorbed by the skin. In addition to using the right skin care and nutrition, it has helped me to keep my skin complaints calm. Currently, it helps me reduce the symptoms of menopause and prevents psoriasis and eczema from reappearing in busy, stressful times.  

Every year I participate, completely selflessly, in the campaign "look good, feel better" for men and women with cancer. From 4 February 'world cancer day' they will receive a free facial treatment with a quick stress relief treatment at Skin care center Koningshoeven. Innerly and externally, really relax for an hour and therefore feel better for a while, that's what I do it for. The reactions are heartwarming every year. 

Since December 2015 I also work as a Reiki practitioner at  Villa Pardoes . Being able to support terminally ill children and their families with Reiki is incredibly rewarding work.

I love to help people on their way to the best version of themselves, and I continue to immerse myself in the latest developments in that field. Japan, the cradle of Reiki and the connection between inner and outer, will continue to run through it like a red thread. Working together with a general practitioner, dermatologist and alternative practitioners is part of my profession and strengthens the results of the joint treatments.

Skin care center is affiliated with the ANBOS. Acne, edema and hair removal treatments are often reimbursed by your health insurer. Inquire about this with your insurance company.

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