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Cryop treatment

This is the fastest &  effective  treatment against pigmentation spots, warts, fibroids and age spots. The Cryopen works to the millimeter  so that only the tissue to be treated  gets frozen. It  surrounding tissue remain intact.

How exactly does the cryopen work?

The cryops specifically freezes the tissue to be treated. The treated tissue turns into a thin scab and new, healthy tissue develops underneath.

What does the skin look like after the Cryopen treatment?
After the treatment, the skin looks red and forms
  a dark scab on the skin. New skin forms underneath. Within 2 weeks the scab will fall off and the new skin will become visible, which is still delicate and  is pink in color.

Can several places be treated at once? 

Yes, however the number depends on the amount of spots and their location. Which places can be discussed in 1 treatment  is determined during the intake.

How many treatments do you need?
This differs from person to person. You will see results after one treatment. Most (superficial
  pigment) spots are gone after one time, but it may be that 2 to 3 treatments are needed to completely remove the (pigment) spot.

Is the treatment painful?

No, the treatment is not painful and goes very quickly.

It is important to protect the skin well after the treatment with a sunscreen product with SPF30 or 50. Use this daily and several times a day. When treating pigment spots, it is important to do this daily from now on. Just applying a day cream with a factor is not enough.

Can everyone undergo the treatment?

Not everyone is allowed to undergo the cryopen treatment.

The contraindications are:

- pregnancy
- diabetes mellitus
- skin cancer
- all other cancers
- inflammation on or near the area to be treated.

Starting rate for pigment/age spots & fibroids (total diameter of a 1 euro coin):

€ 50.00 per treatment with an 8 gram cartridge.


If you have several spots / fibroids / warts that can be treated with the cryopen in one treatment, we use additional 8 or 16 grams patterns: 8 grams á  €15.75  

Start rate for hand or foot warts: € 35.00 per treatment with an 8 gram cartridge.

Please note that for a (foot) wart, multiple treatments are often required with intervals of 10-14 days.

The number of cartridges required per treatment and the costs thereof are  always discussed during the intake interview.

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